The Sacraments of the Christian faith are recognized as actions of the Holy Spirit  where Jesus and we are joined as one.  The Sacraments  sanctify, nourish, and strengthen us. They are the grace of God working in us.  As an ordained priest I am licensed to Baptize and Confirm, celebrate Holy Eucharist (communion) and Marriage, offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation (formerly called confession),  provide a ministry of Anointing the Sick and laying on of hands.

All sacraments are offered to all people (GLBTQI, heterosexual, CIS gendered). 

Through this sacrament God helps us endure, transform, and transcend our suffering of body, mind, and spirit. We are reconciled and restored to wholeness. You may receive this sacrament as often as you wish and require.

This sacrament of confession, repentance, and absolution of sin is a means to restore and renew our relationship with God, ourselves, and others without the weight of shame, anger, and guilt.  As a priest I offer this sacrament under the Seal of Confession through which I have a holy obligation to never break confidence under any circumstance. This allows you to be unburdened with a humble and contrite heart. An act of thanksgiving is usually assigned. You may receive this sacrament as often as you wish and require.


In the celebration of the Eucharist we consecrates our oneness with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This holy meal of bread and wine, sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit, provides us with solace, strength, pardon, and renewal. We become one body and one spirit with Christ. You may receive this sacrament as often as you wish.

Opportunities to gather together can be arranged for small groups and in homes. On request, you or a loved one can receive a home, hospital, or nursing home or rehab visit.

Gluten free and alcohol-free wine or grape juice can be requested.

Marriage represents to the community the unbreakable sanctified bond of love between two people. A period of premarital counseling will be required prior to the blessing of a marriage.

Our spiritual life begins with the sacrament of Baptism. In Baptism, we each experience the “death” of original sin, along with corresponding “resurrection” to a new life in Christ.  In Baptism we are welcomed as full members of the church universal – the body of Christ. Baptism can be for infants, children, and adults. Children (their parents or guardians) and adults will be baptized after a period of instruction.

Baptism is made in the name of God our creator, Jesus Christ our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit our Sanctifier.