Please note: as of 2/11/20 I am not accepting new clients . When this changes I will make the update here.

Alcohol, drug, internet addiction counseling services

I have been providing education, prevention and treatment services since 1982. I work with individuals and family members affected by substance misuse, abuse, and dependence; those new to recovery and those who have been in recovery a long time. Services are individualized according to your strengths and needs and provided through a holistic lens that responds to the whole person as a physical, social, spiritual, and psychological individual. Deep, patient, active, and empathetic listening is the cornerstone on which all other interventions are built upon. Motivational interviewing, mindfulness and other contemplative practices, cognitive and dialectical behavior  techniques, supportive counseling, solutions focused treatment, and psychodynamics are among the many interventions that may be used to help you find your truth on the path to discovery and recovery.

Treatment services are for adults and may include: consultation, intake, assessment, treatment planning, individual, family, and group therapy. Recovery maintenance may also include referral to a variety of other supports and resources that you may need.

Referrals will be provided for those who require a higher level of care, or other specialized services which may include inpatient detoxification, intensive outpatient and day treatment programs, medication assisted treatment, etc.

Appointments and Fee Schedules

Assessment (60 – 120 minutes) $ 100 – 160

Individuals  (50 minutes)           $   80 – 120

Family & Couples (90 minutes) $ 100 – 120

Group sessions (90 minutes)      $   30


Insurances accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare.   A sliding fee scale may be negotiated for financial hardships.